Visual narratives are my passion. I love stories in any medium: prose, graphic novels, movies and user journeys. They reflect the world we inhabit and speculate the past, the present and the future. I enjoy the act of creating, communicating and visualising concepts.

(c) Ansse Rastivo

(c) Ansse Rastivo

Yasir Al-Ani

I am interested in anything with a narrative within the visual domain. As a designer I try to make sense of the world through signs and symbols and shape it for the better: solve a problem, add value to a moment or even just bring delight to a person’s life. I love working with people and for people and often find myself observing behaviours. This is where I derive most of my inspiration. I love art direction, branding, graphic design, digital art, video production and creative writing.

Although I have recognised the fields in design where my heart is, one could say that my head is in a different space. I consider myself a thinker and enjoy solving problems, be it a matter of functions, emotions or visuals. I’m very empathetic and always put the end user at the centre. Delight and meaningful content are strong motivators for everything I do.

I graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2017 with a BDes(hons) degree in Product Design. Trained as a service and user experience designer with strong visual communication skills and great passion in my craft. Finished an Erasmus exchange program at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Currently I work as a creative director, designer and partner at Kokku, a creative digital agency in Helsinki.

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“Artists use lies to tell the truth.
Yes, I created a lie.
But because you believed it,
you found something true about yourself.”  

Alan Moore